Date Night

Posted on 18 February 2016

As I look into my wife’s eyes I see the reason why I married this beautiful, intelligent woman. I'm a lucky man. Damn lucky indeed.

As we sip on bottle of wine from the Barossa waiting for our freshly shucked oysters and grilled prawns we talk about sleeping in tomorrow and heading to the beach in the afternoon so we can laze about, read our books and relax. However, we needed to finish our amazing mains, which were being served before going to the movies.

But like Star Wars that was a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

Times certainly have changed since then. For us now a romantic, quiet dinner is drive through when our daughter has finally fallen asleep in her seat and we can whisper sweet nothings to each other. Literally. “Shhhhh don’t laugh you’ll wake her up!” Plus with the ongoing costs of daycare, drive through is fancy dinning. We do splurge from time to time and supersize our fries.

Sorry, didn’t mean to brag about the fries but we’re ballers.

The carefree attitudes of the working couple is alluring in many ways, because picking up and going away to far flung places like New Zealand or Noosa for the weekend was plausible. Now these days we’re lucky if we go to Wollongong for an ice cream. Sorry I’m bragging again.

When we do go out to dinner in a proper restaurant it’s a challenge for us because we must feed and entertain our daughter. We’re part food server, part jester like the ones you would have found in a royal court during medieval times. I’m pretty sure our daughter is internally saying “Dance Monkeys, Dance!”


At the table our daughter insists on doing her impersonation of Keith Moon, smashing the plates with the cutlery, until the clanging is heard in every corner of the restaurant. Lucky she’s cute and gets away with a smile and hello to the waitstaff. Charming little sprog she is.

Simple fact of the matter is our daughter is with us where ever we go, and we rarely have a night to ourselves. Since having our daughter two and a half years ago, we’ve had three nights without her. One time was last July when we visited my family back in Canada, so grandma and grandpa were only too happy to look after her. Even then we missed her almost immediately. Almost! There’s something to be said about pure silence and not having food thrown at your direction while eating.

These days 10 minutes is the time it takes to get out the door of our place. I don’t mean getting ready because that takes as much time as preparing for a space launch. I literally mean getting out of the door. By the time we check and cross check, double and triple check and walk out, we’re told by our daughter she needs to pee. I then realise I forgot my wallet on the wine rack while I changed her and need to go back. When we do finally make our way to our car I have so many bags people would confuse me for a Sherpa. I don’t know what we pack, but I’m sure survivalist don’t have a quarter of the stuff we have in those bags. I swear I saw toilet plunger in there one time.

Our sex life is as frequent as Haley's comet passing of earth.

At the end, we all make sacrifices whether it’s financial changes, lifestyle changes or even both, for our children and family. I don’t care too much that we can’t look at the show times of the latest Tarantino film and make it from our place to the cinema within 10 minutes, or go to the pub at the drop of the hat.

As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t change an iota of what we have now. Being a parent is the most rewarding feeling. But I do miss sleeping in. You would think it would be the sex, but I'm too tired. Oh sooooo tired. 

X Justin

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