Kids Style Market with Anna Heraud

Posted on 06 June 2016

The founder of Kids Style Market and mother to Maya and Zion fills us in on what she loves about bringing Insta businesses together at the Kids Style Market and what she's looking forward to...


Kids Style Market


Hi Anna, so nice of you to participate in our 'let's meet' feature on our blog. Could you tell us a bit about yourself? 

Thanks for having me. I'm wife to Josh and Mum to two beautiful girls.  I have a crazy family of early morning dance party addicts.  My husband and I love entrepreneurship and love seeing people follow their dreams and pursue their passions. I'm all about encouragement, inspiring others and seeing people succeed...and I also love a good tasting Mocha, Rooibos tea and Burger!!

Tell us about Sydney Kids Market and how it came to life?

I've always wanted to organise a market.  It has been on my mind for awhile, as I have been a vendor and stallholder at many markets under my brand 'Kumu Kids'.  One night, I was on the phone with my Sister in Law Mariah (who is also the Market Day Operations Manager) discussing brand reps and Instagram brands and how great it would be to see a market with these brands under one roof and that same night.....Sydney Kids Market was born!  

Our aim is to create a market that gives platform and exposure to online brands, particularly those small businesses who are still trying to get their name out there.

Tell us about the brands on your panel and what are the things you look out for in the brands? 

We have many brands on our panel.  We're growing now that we've expanded outside of Sydney to Central Coast and also Perth.  I look for brands that are either handmade, designed in Australia and products that you won't be able to find in your local shopping centre.  I like to give people who come into the market variety and also the joy of discovering a product they won't see anywhere else.  I get excited when I see a product that I haven't seen before!

What was the process like for deciding on your new business name? How did you decide on "Kids Style Market"?

It was necessary to change the name since we we're popping up outside of Sydney and I wanted something easy to remember, yet encompasses all of the brands that we would represent. Style is characteristic of the individual design, expression and care vendors pour into their products and also a lifestyle that the consumers build for themselves.  I didn't want to change the logo, so kept "Kids" in the title, as the logo was beginning to be recognised.  Also, I tossed up using "fair" or "expo", but in the end, I decided to keep the name as what we are - a market. :) There was definitely a lot of brainstorming and asking friends, but I'm definitely happy with the final name, which we can use even when we decide to expand further.

It's an exciting year!!  Not only are we launching our first market in Central Coast and Perth. But we are launching our new website and blog and also a digital magazine with a shoppable section in September this year.  It's all very exciting and.... busy...But I love it!!

Where do you find the time to run your fabulous business?

Good question!! There are plenty of late nights and cramming work into daycare days.  But I am a very scheduled person (when it comes to business) with to-do lists and self imposed daily deadlines and that works best for me.  However, when the kids are sick and I need some silence in the sun, all schedules are thrown out the window.  

Not to mention, I also have Mariah who runs our Facebook presence and manages on market day, Grace who writes up media releases, Sharen my Art Director for the magazine, guest bloggers, a fabulous photographer named Riyel AND my husband Josh who does everything else when I need to do some work.  He's a superstar! Basically, teamwork makes the dream work and I'm extremely thankful for this amazing team!!

We love Emme and Tilly and wish you all the best in all you do!


X Tamia

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